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Livingroom Keep It Deep

Credits: Grace, Drummers Of The Societe Absolument Guinin, 45 ACP, ngly, Anthony Naples, Jesse, Ghosts Of The Sky, Omar-S, Samo DJ, Glenn Underground, Molinaro, TMO + Andy Butler, Donnie Tempo, Jayda G, Gherkin Jerks, Asymmetrical, XΛN, One Day In Metropia, SC-164, NHK yx Koyxen, Bookworms, Florian Kupfer

beforehour w/ viktor & lyd lys

beforehour w/ unless

beforehour w/ louis & matt

Livingroom Wooloo

Vinyl Only

beforehour w/ matt francis

b2b house session with matt francis (keep it deep)

Livingroom Wirgestalten

Glyn – Identity Switch
Mikhail Bogomolov – Strela
Unit Moebius – Duplovision
Gene Hunt – Drive Yourself Nuts
Rébeval – Chantage
Gavin Russom – The Telstar File
Unknown Chicago – I’m So Deep
Slugbug – Statues
Chaos In The CBD – Trial Rider Ayo Bitch
Sade ‎– I Couldn’t Love You More (SAD Edit)
Liit- 33
Xdb – Tonik
Omar S – Its Money In The “D”

Vinyl Only

Livingroom M1

Vinyl Only

Livingroom Collins14

Livingroom Loft33


Rick Wade – Pimp Factor
SSOL01 – B1
Rick Wade – I Do Belive
Mr. G – P Bar Jam
Tyree – Nuthin Wrong
Livio Improta – Mare010
Cez Damier – Untitled
Mr. G – On Your Side
Jesper Dahlbäck – What Is The Time Mr. Templar?
Mike Dehnert – Refillable
Drewsky – Fabanating
Geeeman – Bang´t
Tyler Friedman – A Night In The Woods (Rived Remix)

Vinyl Only

House Mix


Isolée – Logiciel
Losoul – Mandu
Arj Snoek – Shame
Losoul – Zuma
Isolée – Monitor
Losoul – Synchro
Jürgen Pape – Triumph 1
Losoul – Under
Mike Huckaby – The Upstairs Lounge
Losoul – Brother In Love

Ein Kessel Buntes

Studiomix zum Auftritt am 16.09.2011 Ein Kessel Buntes im Wooloo Mooloo Bay Hotel in Coburg

1 Regis On The Wheel
2 The Advent Only Power B2
3 Zeta Reticula A1
4 Shiftet Phases White Dwarf
5 Duplex P.O.M. B2
6 Der Zyklus A1
7 UR Slide A2
8 Like A Tim Silver A3
9 Like A Tim There Goes The Underground
10 Like A Tim Silver B1
11 Like A Tim Gangster Bogie
12 Pacou Code 02
13 S. Pointexter Born To Freak
14 Pacou Robot M
15 Pacou Fuel
16 Heiko Laux 101/106
17 Tobias Schmidt Who´s The Gun?
18 Agent Cooper vs X-Man A2
19 Pacou No Computer.. D2
20 Like A Tim Silver B3