Ein Kessel Buntes

Studiomix zum Auftritt am 16.09.2011 Ein Kessel Buntes im Wooloo Mooloo Bay Hotel in Coburg
1 Regis On The Wheel
2 The Advent Only Power B2
3 Zeta Reticula A1
4 Shiftet Phases White Dwarf
5 Duplex P.O.M. B2
6 Der Zyklus A1
7 UR Slide A2
8 Like A Tim Silver A3
9 Like A Tim There Goes The Underground
10 Like A Tim Silver B1
11 Like A Tim Gangster Bogie
12 Pacou Code 02
13 S. Pointexter Born To Freak
14 Pacou Robot M
15 Pacou Fuel
16 Heiko Laux 101/106
17 Tobias Schmidt Who´s The Gun?
18 Agent Cooper vs X-Man A2
19 Pacou No Computer.. D2
20 Like A Tim Silver B3

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